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Test Elements on Promotion exam for 3~1kyu
To all SCKO Affiliated Dojo

Regarding: Additional requirement for Kendo Rank Promotion Examination

We would like to announce that Southern California Kendo Organization (SCKO) has decided to add an examination item for 1 Kyu, 2 Kyu, and 3 Kyu promotion exams. The new test item is called "Basic Kendo practice with Bokuto" and All Japan Kendo Federation has been implementing in their promotion exams for the past few years. Please refer to the link below:

   http://www.kendo.or.jp/news/200906_kendo-kyui-sinsakitei.html  ( in Japanese Text)

 Kenshis that have already obtained 1 Dan or higher will not have the opportunity to take this test. However, it is required that these people learn all the basic movements. Please master all 9 basic movements by yourself. If you have any questions, the SCKO Education department will always be happy to help you.


1.     General: "Basic Kendo practice with Bokuto" is in total 9 basic steps which incorporates most of the basic Kendo movements. See explanation below (Japanese) and the video.
         http://ken55.suppa.jp/waza.html   ( in Japanese Text)

         http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KVzHMNJ6NKg  ( Demonstration video)
2.     1 Kyu examinee must take a Bokuto Keiko Basic 1 to 9, 2 Kyu take Basic 1 to 6, and 3 Kyu take Basic 1 to 4.

                             1 Kyu - Basic 1 to 9
                             2 Kyu - Basic 1 to 6
                             3 Kyu - Basic 1 to 4

3.     For a better understanding of Bokuto Keiko, SCKO Education will schedule seminars for all Dojo instructors (TBD).  All Dojo instructors have the responsible to teach your Dojo members.

4.     All 3 Kyu and higher Kenshis need their own Bokuto, which is required to learn Bokuto Keiko and also to take the exam.


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