How to Join

To join, please visit our dojo, sign up an application form and pay enrollment fees during regular practice hours.

If you would like to see our practice before you join, please feel free to come and visit our dojo. No appointment is necessary! Our dojo door is always open for people to sit down and observe.

Waiver and Release & Health Insurance Requirement

Although Kendo is considered as a safe martial art activity using proctective gears, sometimes injury might happen due to lack of enough warming up or streching. To participate our dojo activity, you must carry your own primary health insurance. Also, we would ask you to sign our "WAIVER AND RELEASE" form.

New Member Fees

See chart below for the new member fee.

DescriptionAdult17 & Under or Full-Time Student
One-time Registration Fee$30$30
Tuition(first 2 months)$80$80
AUSKF Annual Fee*$70$40
SCKO Annual Fee$35$25
* AUSKF Fee will be $10 lower from the following year

Family discount: if you join as family, 2nd(more) person would get half price of monthly tuition($20 per month).

Current Member Tuition Payment Status

For members, please click below to see your payment status

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